You'll Never Guess Which Song Scored More Spotify Streams Than "Old Town Road" and "Bad Guy" in 2019

Published on Dec 03, 2019

The year (and the decade) is just about over, which means Spotify has released its annual end of year "Wrapped" numbers! On Tuesday, the streaming service announced the list of its most-streamed artists, albums and songs of the year, as well as the entire decade. And while there are some names on these lists that will surprise no one, the most-streamed song of the year might actually come as a bit of a shock. Lil Nas X and Billie Eilish dominated the music charts in 2019 with their respective singles "Old Town Road" and "Bad Guy." Based on those songs' massive popularity, one would think either of those two singles would be the song of the year. But no, the honor of the...

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