‘Why Don’t You Just Die!’: Film Review

Published on Apr 09, 2020

‘Why Don’t You Just Die!’: Film Review

The coronavirus has made everyone a bit sensitive, with good reason, inspiring memes around such now-sensitive movie titles as delayed 007 entry “No Time to Die” and Emily Ting’s culture-shock indie “Go Back to China.” To this list of inappropriately named movies we might add “Why Don’t You Just Die!” except that Russian director Kirill Sokolov’s deranged debut — which nixed its April 10 theatrical plans in favor of a straight-to-streaming option two weeks later — is the kind of tongue-in-cheek Grand Guignol bloodbath that’s wrong in all the right ways. So, in a way, it fits.

Set almost entirely in a corrupt cop’s Moscow apartment, “Why Don’t You Just Die!” is a neatly conceived dark-comedy chamber piece — à la Wachowski siblings’ clockwork-perfect queer-noir “Bound” or Sidney Lumet’s airtight but otherwise diabolical “Deathtrap” — in which a simple setup spirals into unimaginably twisted mayhem. A tough, agitated young man named Matvei stands on the landing,

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Author: Peter Debruge