Why AFI Succeeds Where Other TV Awards Fall Short

Published on Dec 05, 2019

Right on schedule, the American Film Institute released its list celebrating the 10 best television series of the year and instantly reminded readers why juried awards are often more satisfying than their celebrated balloted contemporaries.

Much like the Peabody Awards and the National Board of Review, AFI turns to a diverse jury of experts when it comes to compiling their lists, drawn from AFI Trustees, scholars, artists, and critics, the better to measure the creative and cultural influence of each year’s honorees.

The advantages of this method are deceptively simple. In relying on a small but diverse group of experts from a variety of specialties, the process of determining winners becomes far more reflective of reality, and more importantly, makes it easier for the group to shift with the times.

Take the 2019 crop of recognized television programs, for example. While there are a fair number of previous nominees on the list,

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Author: Libby Hill