What We Binge-Watch While the World Burns — TV Podcast

Published on Apr 16, 2020

What We Binge-Watch While the World Burns — TV Podcast

With the pandemic and the unraveling of the global economy, the warped weather patterns spurring snowstorms in the Midwest and vicious tornados in the south, and the complete lack of sports goofs to fuel the internet’s viral video market, it’s no wonder that many Americans are streaming entertainment like it’s their day jobs.

And that’s no exaggeration. According to a new study from market research company OnePoll, while much of the country is waylaid by safer-at-home edicts, Americans are watching an average of eight hours of content per day after obtaining access to an average of four different streaming services.

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But what, exactly, are viewers hoping to get in exchange for their precious time?

It depends.

One need look only as

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Author: Libby Hill