‘We Summon the Darkness’: Film Review

Published on Apr 09, 2020

‘We Summon the Darkness’: Film Review

The movie, set in 1988, opens with three young women driving to a heavy-metal show in their red Jeep Cherokee along a country highway; for a short spell, it feels like a thousand slasher movies made in the kids-in-the-wilderness mode of “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.” Yet there’s something a dash more time specific, less generic, about this trio, even as their potty-mouthed snark points toward the girls-just-want-to-have-what-we-want-to-have vibe of our own era: the leader, Alexis (Alexandra Daddario), with her flashing eyes and reckless ‘tude and inverted crucifix jewelry; Val (Maddie Hanson), a hellion who seems to have styled herself after Madonna by way of Max Max; and Bev (Amy Forsyth), the “nice” quiet one, wayward and a little spooky, who only recently joined up with this drop-dead cool clique.

The three stop at a roadside convenience store to stock up on Jolt Cola and Twinkies, and on the TV

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Author: Owen Gleiberman