Toronto Film Review: ‘The Other Lamb’

Published on Sep 11, 2019

Toronto Film Review: ‘The Other Lamb’

Movies about religious cults used to be a relatively rare occurrence. They’ve grown more frequent of late, however, surely sending up some kind of emergency flare to illuminate disturbing general cultural trends. “The Other Lamb” is just one of several such films at this year’s Toronto Film Festival, and as the English-language debut of Polish helmer Malgorzata Szumowska may have the best shot among them at finding a substantial audience beyond the festival circuit.

Still, this often visually striking tale of an all-female cult in thrall to its lone-male leader is very much art-house fare — slowly paced, terse with character and narrative insight. In the end, the director and screenwriter Catherine S. McMullen don’t really seem to be saying anything more complicated than the basic notion that blind submission to a patriarch is bad news for women, children and probably men as well. Still, the film’s

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Author: Dennis Harvey