Toronto Film Review: ‘Heimat Is a Space in Time’

Published on Sep 13, 2019

Toronto Film Review: ‘Heimat Is a Space in Time’

Director Thomas Heise was born and raised in East Berlin, and he’s been working long enough in documentaries that his earliest films were suppressed by Gdr censors. His understanding of the German national character is rooted in the belief in its potential for curbing freedoms at a minimum and tipping into violent nationalism and fascism in its darkest moments. Over the course of his 218-minute opus “Heimat Is a Space in Time,” Heise examines nearly 100 years of German history through the prism of his own complex genealogy, drawing on letters, diaries and other documents from throughout the 20th century. It’s an enormous undertaking for Heise — and for even the most adventurous viewers — but his essay-film

Screening in the experimental Wavelengths section at the Toronto Film Festival — as opposed to Tiff Docs, the larger repository for nonfiction — “Heimat Is a Space in Time” is notable as much for what

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Author: Scott Tobias