Toronto Film Review: ‘Desert One’

Published on Sep 13, 2019

Toronto Film Review: ‘Desert One’

September 11, 2001, was the day that changed our world — but really, the day that changed our world was April 24, 1980. That was when the United States, under the leadership of President Jimmy Carter, launched Operation Eagle Claw, the Delta Force mission (it was the very first Delta Force mission) that was designed to bring an immediate end to the Iran-hostage crisis by rescuing all 52 of the hostages who were being held at the U.S. Embassy and Foreign Ministry buildings in Tehran.

We all know how that worked out; it ended in disaster. The Delta Force soldiers landed in the Iranian desert in eight helicopters, only five of which were still operational. Since it had been decided during the planning stages that the mission should be aborted if less than six helicopters remained, President Carter called the mission off. It was then that the debacle happened.

As the U.S. forces were getting ready to leave,

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Author: Owen Gleiberman