Toronto Film Review: ‘Calm With Horses’

Published on Sep 11, 2019

Toronto Film Review: ‘Calm With Horses’

Films set in West Ireland often have a tourist board-certified feel, selling the scenery and quaintness in ways designed to make you ring up your travel agent (if those still existed). But no one will be booking their next vacay on the basis of “Calm With Horses,” which sports some pleasant landscapes but populates them with characters you’d wisely cross the entire island to avoid.

Nick Rowland’s first feature is . While perhaps not distinctive thematically or stylistically enough to score much theatrical export interest, this is an engrossing tale that should do reasonably well in home-format placements, and give a definite leg up to the director and his principal collaborators.

Drawn from a novella by Colin Barrett (published in the collection “Young Skins”), Joe Murtagh’s screenplay begins with thick-necked, hulking Arm (Cosmo Jarvis of “Lady Macbeth”) being dispatched to pummel senseless a codger who’s gotten on

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Author: Dennis Harvey