‘Tigertail’ on Netflix: Film Review

Published on Apr 10, 2020

‘Tigertail’ on Netflix: Film Review

Here’s the beautiful but frustrating thing about a movie as personal as Taiwanese American director Alan Yang’s “Tigertail,” which debuts on Netflix today: By drawing on specifics from his family story, Yang offers audiences — especially those with parents who were born abroad, as his were — a chance to see reflections of their own experience in a film determined to reconcile the gap between an immigrant father and his American-born child. At the same time, Yang overestimates just how relatable such a portrait might be, to the extent that “Tigertail” remains somewhat too obtuse in the telling.

Named for the Taiwanese village Yang’s father left behind when he moved to the U.S., the film endeavors to re-create the circumstances that sent him looking for opportunities abroad, the compromises he made to get there and the secrets this stoic man kept hidden from his children for decades, including

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Author: Peter Debruge