‘The Flash’: Ezra Miller Is Writing His Own Script In A Hail Mary Hope Of Staying On As Character

Published on Mar 16, 2019

After months of a lot of movement, there’s finally some news on “The Flash” front at Warner Bros., but none of it is very promising. The positive, if you want to call it that: ‘Flash’ star Ezra Miller is taking matters into his own hands and writing a new screenplay, and he’s enlisted DC Comics writer Grant Morrison to help. The bad news, Miller, has been clashing with the directors on the project, John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, who are coming off the very successful and critically well-received WB film, “Game Night,” plus the shine of writing “Spider-Man: Homecoming.” Furthermore, WB is moving in a lighter, more comedic direction—which is precisely what The Flash character is fundamentally and why Daley and Goldstein, who again, already did this kind of thing with ‘Spider-Man,’ were tapped to direct the movie in the first place.

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Author: Rodrigo Perez