The Best Posters of the 2010s

Published on Nov 08, 2019

Above: some runners-up among my favorite posters of the decade. From left: Black Swan by La Boca (2010); Obit (2016) by Kristin Bye; Nebraska (2013) by Blt Communications; Wreck-It Ralph (2012) designer unknown; Escapes (2017) by Brandon Schaefer.Ten years ago, not long after I had started writing about movie posters for Mubi (back when it was called The Auteurs), I was called upon to come up with my favorite movie posters of the decade. It was a daunting task since I hadn’t been keeping track quite as carefully as I have these past ten years, but it was also somewhat of a novelty since there weren’t a lot of people talking about movie posters either in print or online back then. Looking back at that list of ten years ago, there are a couple of posters I might not choose today and I’d definitely bump Neil Kellerhouse’s poster for The Girlfriend Experience

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