The Best New TV Shows of 2019

Published on Dec 04, 2019

Until some overly ambitious tech company cracks a secret formula, figuring out what audiences are going to like is always going to have an air of impossibility. With the inundation of new series arriving every month — even in the holiday/vacation doldrums — there’s always an allure of the new. Shows with the richest of pedigrees, the slam-dunk, can’t-miss attention grabbers sometimes fall from the public consciousness before they’ve had a chance to find an audience.

So any time a show can sustain itself beyond its premiere week, it’s something of a miracle. As part of our ongoing hike back through the year in TV, we thought it would be worth noting the best of the shows that made their debut in 2019 and couldn’t be forgotten. Some didn’t quite have the fanfare that others did (and one is still ongoing).

Some were canceled far before they should have,

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Author: Ann Donahue, Ben Travers, Libby Hill, Steve Greene, Leo Garcia, Tyler Hersko and Tambay Obenson