Streaming: indie films from Latin America

Published on Apr 11, 2020

Streaming: indie films from Latin America

Tropical on Demand gives voice to the best new directors from Argentina, Mexico, Bolivia and elsewhere

At a time when we’re mostly cooped up inside, looking longingly out of the window at the first blush of spring, it’s fair to say a streaming service called Tropical on Demand pretty much has us at hello. Before you settle in for a marathon of beachy, pina colada-infused escapism, however, readjust your expectations a little. A small but enticing new service, Tropical on Demand is the VOD offshoot of Cinema Tropical, a leading distributor of independent Latin American cinema in the Us – happily made accessible to an international online audience.

Launched at the end of March, it’s one of a surfeit of enterprising “virtual cinemas” set up by arthouse distributors in response to the coronavirus shutdown: while many bigger films have opted to delay until cinemas reopen, others see the

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Author: Guy Lodge