‘Stray Dolls’: Film Review

Published on Apr 10, 2020

‘Stray Dolls’: Film Review

Sometimes a film contains a single scene that feels like its main reason for being. In Sonejuhi Sinha’s grimy-glamorous crime thriller feature debut “Stray Dolls,” it comes late on: Riz (Geetanjali Thapa), a newly arrived undocumented immigrant from India who is working as a maid in a dead-end motel, is in a phone booth at night talking to her mom back home. “Yes I’m fine,” she natters brightly in Nepali. “I’ve just been for a swim. There’s a pool. It’s shaped like a, like a…” she tries to remember the word, waving the gun in her blood-spattered hand around in a squiggle, “…kidney bean.” Needless to say, there is no pool, she is not fine and those are the very least of her lies.

As that image suggests, “Stray Dolls” is a genre picture with a twist, although the immigrant experience subtext is undernourished within

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Author: Jessica Kiang