‘Stardust’: Film Review

Published on Apr 16, 2020

‘Stardust’: Film Review

In “Stardust,” a movie that dramatizes David Bowie’s road trip across America in 1971, David (Johnny Flynn), several years into his career but still, in terms of image, a bit of a leftover hippie rocker, finds himself performing at a convention of vacuum-cleaner salesmen. It seems his manager back in England had failed to secure him a U.S. work visa. So even though he’s supposed to be touring the States, he can’t give concerts, can’t perform on television or radio. But his publicist from Mercury Records, Ron Oberman (Marc Maron), has lined up press interviews and figured out how to sneak in some third-rate gigs.

Stardust” opens with a title that says “What follows is (mostly) fiction,” and if you want to know how that rather inauspicious promise translates, it’s there in the moment when Bowie gets up in front of the vacuum salesmen and says,

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Author: Owen Gleiberman