Should Filmmakers Accept Online Festival Premieres?

Published on Apr 10, 2020

Should Filmmakers Accept Online Festival Premieres?

The coronavirus crisis may be prompting more festivals to migrate online, but not all filmmakers are on board. Director Alex Winter pulled his documentary “Zappa,” about rock iconoclast and classical composer Frank Zappa from both SXSW and Cph:dox, rather than let the festivals stream his latest work.

“We had to stand down because we’re in the middle of sales discussions, and we can’t have the film leak,” says Winter. “Our main concern was sales. Being online with these festivals would be the equivalent of a streaming distribution deal.”

“Zappa” is the first time the “Panama Papers” director and “Bill & Ted Face The Music” actor had made a film without a distributor already in place. He saw the film festival screening as a way to create buzz and market the doc, attracting buyers and higher returns for his investors.

“Because the film was so big, and it took five years to make,

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Author: Kaleem Aftab