Shooting Days in Paris Rise 10% Led By Damien Chazelle’s ‘The Eddy’

Published on Jan 16, 2020

Buoyed by a sturdy local industry and sent soaring by the influx of international broadcasters, audiovisual production in Paris rose to record-setting levels in 2019. The French capital remained Gaul’s leading production market, encompassing 40% of all national and 36% of all foreign shoots in the country last year.

In harsh numbers, the city of light lit up 1,066 productions last year, counting 103 features and 97 series amongst them. Only those harsh numbers don’t quite tell the full story.

“In terms of key figures, the amount of productions is less important than the number of days worked,” explains Michel Gomez, executive director of the Paris Film Office. “While the number of productions has remained more or less stable from year to year, we’ve seen a significant difference in the number of shooting days.”

Indeed, last year saw 5,465 shooting days in Paris alone – a number up 10% from that of the previous year, and

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Author: Ben Croll