See Nattie Neidhart and Sonya Deville's Heated Confrontation in Maui

Published on Dec 04, 2019

Celebratory vacations should look a lot more fun than this does. Tuesday's new Total Divas followed our favorite WWE superstars all the way to Maui, where Nattie Neidhart had arranged for a destination girls' trip that turned out to be chock-full of unexpected guests. After touching down on the island to realize Sonya Deville was the only invitee who'd brought a significant other, the group—which included Carmella and Riott Squad wrestler Liv Morgan, in addition to Nattie, Sonya and Sonya's girlfriend Arianna—was met with an even bigger Omg moment upon arriving to their exceedingly picturesque vacation home. "Surprise!" Nikki Bella and Brie Bella called out from a gazebo on the...

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