‘Sanctuary’: Film Review

Published on Apr 10, 2020

‘Sanctuary’: Film Review

“It belongs to no one and everyone,” a Greenpeace spokesperson observes of Antarctica, amid several awed talking-head statements at the outset of “Sanctuary.” It’s a true enough observation of the southernmost continent, though it opens up the question driving Álvaro Longoria’s short, straightforward environmental documentary: If the unpopulated ice kingdom is above human ownership, who takes responsibility for protecting it? Enter Spanish star Javier Bardem, thankfully not stepping into the breach as a self-appointed eco-warrior, but as a necessarily famous figurehead for a larger, less glamorous conservationist movement. That “Sanctuary” is modestly pragmatic rather than fawning about the function of celebrities in environmental activism is its most appealing and intriguing aspect, though it stops short of a deeper inquiry into the PR mechanics of saving the world.

For the most part, rather, Longoria’s film — produced in collaboration with Greenpeace, for which it effectively serves as an extended

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Author: Guy Lodge