‘Room 104’ Review: Season 3 Is HBO’s Best Argument For Total Creative Freedom

Published on Sep 13, 2019

One of TV’s biggest potential selling points in its current state is Total Creative Freedom. The extent to which that’s a reality for anyone outside showrunner auteurs commanding nine-figure development deals is suspect, but there’s an ever-growing mythos around television as a place where creative ambitions face fewer speedbumps. Since its inception two years ago, the HBO anthology series “Room 104” has been one of the best-case scenarios of this lack of constraint.

Still, even as episodes flit around between genres and a bevy of different creative voices, the show is working within one of the wildest restrictions of any show on TV: staging every episode inside an unassuming motel room. In the show’s Season 3, debuting Friday night on HBO, “Room 104” goes to its greatest lengths yet to ensure that none of these dozen new episodes feel like what the show has done before.

Even as

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Author: Steve Greene