Ronan Farrow on investigating Harvey Weinstein: ‘When family issues are thrown at me, it’s a dirty move’

Published on Oct 12, 2019

Farrow’s investigation into the allegations against the producer won him a Pulitzer prize. He talks about the personal cost

Read an extract from Ronan Farrow’s book here

In the story behind the story of Harvey Weinstein’s fall from grace, there is a large portion devoted to how the movie producer tried to silence reporting of the allegations against him. For Ronan Farrow, whose investigation for the New Yorker won him a Pulitzer prize in 2018, the effect was paranoia-inducing. He was convinced he was being followed; he thought his phone had been hacked. At one point, he opened a safety deposit box in a vault beneath a branch of Bank of America, and placed in it transcripts of interviews with dozens of sources and a flash drive containing incriminating audio. On top of the pile, he left a note with instructions on whom to contact “should anything happen

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Author: Emma Brockes