‘Onward’: How Pixar Harnessed Magic for its First Fantasy Adventure

Published on Jan 15, 2020

When Pixar director Dan Scanlon (“Monsters University”) wanted to make a personal movie about the deceased dad he never knew, he turned to his colleagues at the studio for advice. “My dad passed away when I was a year old and my brother was three,” he said. “Who is he and how am I like him? I discussed it with some of the filmmakers and the feedback was: Wouldn’t it be amazing if you had one day with him?”

The result is “Onward” (March 6), Pixar’s first fantasy about two teenage Elf brothers (the McU’s Tom Holland and Chris Pratt) on a quest to resurrect their dad using a 24-hour magic spell. The trick is that Holland’s would-be wizard, Ian, has no idea what to do, while older brother Barley, the slacker, knows everything about the rules of wizarding and the hidden fantasy world that their civilization has abandoned.

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Author: Bill Desowitz