My favourite film aged 12 ... Conan the Barbarian

Published on Apr 09, 2020

My favourite film aged 12 ... Conan the Barbarian

Continuing our series in which writers revisit childhood movie passions, a freshly oiled Arnold Schwarzenegger battles a camel and James Earl Jones in a wig in a surprisingly violent and fleshy fantasy

The best arts and entertainment during self-isolation

The pirated VHS copy of Conan the Barbarian that I cherished when I was 12 was cruddy and discoloured even before I wore it out with twice-daily viewings. The image, tinted jaundice-yellow in some places and seasickness-green in others, was striped with thorny lines of static that made you feel as though you were watching the movie through barbed wire. I knew it wasn’t supposed to look like that because I’d already seen it on the big screen a year earlier. One afternoon in September 1982, I had persuaded my father to take me after school to the ABC cinema in South Woodford, east London. I gave the movie the hard sell: it had Arnold Schwarzenegger,

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Author: Ryan Gilbey