Bryan Singer Will Reportedly Earn $40 Million From ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

Bryan Singer has been all over the news in the last couple weeks for less-than-savory reasons. Film fans have been outraged that the director is set to earn $10 million upfront from his upcoming “Red Sonja” gig, and Singer has also been the subject of a new report that uncovered four new men that claim the filmmaker sexually assaulted them while they were underage. Needless to say, there’s plenty of things to talk about with Bryan Singer.

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Middle East distributor Front Row appoints new COO in expansion drive

Dubai-based company will release its first slate of in-house developed Arabic content this year.

Dubai-based company Front Row Filmed Entertainment has appointed Nicolas Torloting in the newly created company position of COO as part of its expansion drive into development and production.

Since its launch in 2003, Front Row has built a reputation as the top distributor for arthouse and genre cinema in the Middle East as well for edgier mainstream titles.

It was also one of the first distributors in the region to embrace digital distribution, striking a pioneering deal with iTunes in 2014 to act as it Middle East aggregator.

True/False Film Fest Announces First Selections for 2019 Edition

Gearing up for its 16th edition, the True/False Film Fest has announced the first components of this year’s programming. Filmmaker Hassan Fazili, director of the just-premiered-at-Sundance Midnight Traveler, and his family, will receive the True Life Fund, awarded to documentary subjects. Click here to read our interview with Fazili. This year’s True Vision Award will be presented to Spain-born, Mexico-based filmmaker Nuria Ibáñez Castañeda. Following on the heels of past recipients such as Laura Poitras and Claire Simon, Ibáñez Castañeda—whose films include 2013’s excellent The Naked Room, a harrowing look inside a therapist’s office counseling abused children—will receive the award along with a retrospective […]

It's alive! Can Universal's star-less monster movies rise from the crypt?

The Hollywood studio’s stable of horror classics should be ripe for reinvention. The key to its Dark Universe surely lies in the hands of emerging talent

If the Marvel Cinematic Universe goes down in film history as a textbook example of how to build a perfect spider-web of interconnected movies, with each new arrival in multiplexes enriching and adding nuance to those that came before, Universal’s recently deceased “Dark Universe” will surely be remembered as the exact opposite: a cinematic end of line, full stop, dead end.

The rumblings that this one might have breathed its last breath – before it ever really emerged from a thousand-year slumber to embark on a reign of terror – were there from the beginning. After the studio released a weird-looking shot of Tom Cruise (star of The Mummy) with Johnny Depp (the Invisible Man), Russell Crowe (Dr Jekyll) and Javier Bardem (Frankenstein’s

Dwayne Johnson Says Hobbs Will Not Show Up In Upcoming ‘Fast 9’

We’re not saying that these two points are 100% related, but it’s certainly interesting that the “Fast and Furious” franchise really took off and became such a behemoth in “Fast 5,” which was the first film to feature Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Hobbs character. Since then, Johnson has been a fixture in the ‘Fast’ films and each one has gone on to become massive, massive hits.

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Green Book review – a bumpy ride through the deep south

Mahershala Ali plays a jazz musician who confronts the racism of his driver, played by Viggo Mortensen, in a warm but tentative real-life story

Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortensen are two excellent actors outclassing their material in this amiable feelgood-liberal entertainment, inspired by a true story. Mortensen plays Tony Vallelonga, a 60s nightclub bouncer from New York who got a job as personal driver and minder to African-American jazz musician Don Shirley (Ali) on a tour through the Jim Crow south – armed with the “green book”, which was a guide to hotels and restaurants hospitable to black people.

The movie, in fact, has its own green book, negotiating subjects and areas where it needs to tread carefully. Class and race aren’t the only issues – there is also sexual identity, which the film touches on once and then moves on without the principals ever saying a word about it.

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19 Action Movies to Watch in 2019

The tentpole age is a great time to be an action fan -- whether you like superhero action, sci-fi action, or straight up John Wick style set-piece fueled action, there's something for you in 2019. This year marks a major turning point in the McU; a trio of films that will give us the first female-led Marvel film, the culmination of a decade's worth of world-building, and the film that will lead us in to the next phase. On the heels of DC's billion-dollar trip to Atlantis, we'll also get the next …

‘Luce’ Review: Riveting Tale of Stereotypes Packs a Punch | Sundance 2019

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a film about identity quite as challenging or difficult as Luce. Discovering who we are on this Earth is a part of growing up, but it’s admittedly riddled with added complications for minorities of all kinds. Luce follows the unique track of a former child soldier from Eretria who was adopted by a pair of affluent white individuals and raised to overcome his trauma. Now a shining star high school student, a series of revelations force the titular character’s parents, teachers, and fellow students to confront not only their preconceived …

Exclusive: ‘Scooby-Doo and the Curse of the 13th Ghost’ Clip Goes on a Wild Car Chase

Scooby-Doo! and the Curse of the 13th Ghost! is nearly here, and we have an exclusive clip from the epic road trip to share with you today. The Warner Bros. Home Entertainment release, available on Digital and DVD February 5th, sends Scoob and the gang on a thrilling voyage. They're looking for the lost chest containing the spirits of 12 dangerous ghosts in order to capture the elusive 13th ghost that got away. Fans of the classic 80s animated television series The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo will finally learn the identity of the 13th ghost in a …

‘Fast and Furious 9’ Will Be Rock-less, According to Dwayne Johnson
‘Fast and Furious 9’ Will Be Rock-less, According to Dwayne Johnson

The Fast and Furious franchise is about to become Rock-free. While Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is leading his own Fast spin-off Hobbs and Shaw, don’t expect him to roll on into the next Furious sequel. Johnson has confirmed that he and Hobbs and Shaw co-star Jason Statham will not be appearing in Furious 9, but that doesn’t mean they won’t pop up in […]

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‘Black Panther’ Costume Designer Ruth Carter on Her Third Oscar Nomination and Why Costumes Should Not Look Like Costumes [Interview]
‘Black Panther’ Costume Designer Ruth Carter on Her Third Oscar Nomination and Why Costumes Should Not Look Like Costumes [Interview]

To read the list of films that costume designer Ruth Carter has worked on in her 30-year-plus career is to move through the history of black cinema in that time period, having worked extensively with such filmmakers as Spike Lee, Robert Townsend, John Singleton and Lee Daniels. This week, she […]

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“We Had Over 200 Special Effects”: Director Noble Jones | Tomorrow Man

Whenever directors watch their own films, they always do so with the knowledge that there are moments that occurred during their production — whether that’s in the financing and development or shooting or post — that required incredible ingenuity, skill, planning or just plain luck, but whose difficulty is invisible to most spectators. These are the moments directors are often the most proud of, and that pride comes with the knowledge that no one on the outside could ever properly appreciate what went into them. So, we ask: “What hidden part of your film are you most privately proud of […]

‘Zombieland 2’ Gets a First Poster, Adds Rosario Dawson

You don’t have to double tap to make sure that Zombieland 2 is showing signs of life. The long-awaited horror-comedy sequel is full speed ahead, releasing its first teaser “poster” in a classic tongue-in-cheek move that suits the film’s dark comedy tone. The teaser poster also reveals the full Zombieland 2 title, just as the Sony Pictures movie […]

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Cool Stuff: J.J. Abrams Funko Pop on the Way, But Will It Be in a Mystery Box?
Cool Stuff: J.J. Abrams Funko Pop on the Way, But Will It Be in a Mystery Box?

Funko already has countless collectible vinyl figures for almost every movie, TV show, video game, sports team, and more. But the one arena where Funko is only just starting to tap into is the directors and creators of film and television. Alfred Hitchcock was given a black and white collectible figure, and Game of Thrones […]

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‘Hot Wheels’ Live-Action Movie in the Works With Mattel, Warner Bros. (Exclusive)

Mattel and Warner Bros. are partnering up to bring the toy company’s Hot Wheels to theaters in the first ever live-action feature film for the beloved racecar franchise.

This will mark the second partnership for the two companies following the news of the “Barbie” feature film starring Margot Robbie.

“We are excited to bring the thrill of a Hot Wheels live-action feature film to the big screen in partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures,” Ynon Kreiz, Mattel’s chairman and CEO, said in a statement. “Mattel Films has great momentum as it continues to execute on our commitment to bring global audiences new ways to experience the brands they love as we transform Mattel into an IP-driven, high-performing toy company.”

Hot Wheels debuted in 1968 and has sold more than six billion individual cars during its storied 50-year history. With more than 500 million Hot Wheels being sold annually, it’s the

REInvent Studios Boards A.J. Annila’s ‘Peacemaker’ Series

Goteborg, Sweden — “Peacemaker,” produced by leading company Mrp Matila Röhr Productions for Finnish pubcaster Yle, is the first Finnish drama pick-up for newly launched Nordic sales outfit REivent Studios.

The company’s sales & marketing director Helene Aurø said the political drama, set in an international arena, with a strong female lead (“Bordertown”’s Irina Björklund) has immediately attracted attention from leading international players such as Benelux’s Lumière Group, first to acquired licencing rights.

The ten-part series set between Turkey, Syria and Spain tells of the world of peacemakers, international arms trade dealings and the deep-layered relationships with people in power. A.J. Annila, known for his strong visual style and unconventional choices, will be helming a strong international cast. Besides Björklund, toplining the show are Louise Peterhoff and Kardo Razzazi (“Arne Dahl”).

Mrp producer Johanna Enäsuo and screenwriter Eriika Etholen have spent the last three years developing the idea.

Berlin: Latido Films Acquires Panorama Entry ‘Holy Beasts’

Madrid — Big Spanish-language arthouse sales company Latido Films has just acquired world sales rights to Berlinale Panorama entry “Holy Beasts,” a step up in scale for its directors, “Sand Dollars” Laura Amelia Guzman and Israel Cardenas, which turns around the extraordinary, if ill-known, Dominican cineast Jean-Louis Jorge.

The deal excludes producers’ home territories.

Starring Geraldine Chaplin, Udo Kier, Luis Ospina and, “Holy Beasts” is produced by the Dominican Republic’s Gabriel Tineo at Batú Films (“Miriam Miente”), Lantica Media and Aurora Dominicana, Argentina’s Rei Cine, and Mexico’s Pimienta Films, represented by Nicolás Celis and Sandino Sarabia Vinay, a producer and associate producer on “Roma.”

“Holy Beasts” turns on an actress (Chaplin), based on the figure of Edwige Belmore, who travels to the Dominican Republic to direct and star in an unfinished film she originally took part in, begun by Jean-Louis Jorge.

George’s short oeuvre, with just two

Curzon's UK premium VoD platform sees 97% rise in year-on-year revenue

Curzon Home Cinema streams its releases day-and-date for £10-£12.

Curzon UK saw revenues for its premium video-on-demand (Pvod) service - which streams its releases day-and-date for £10-£12 - rise 97% in 2018 compared to 2017. The company did not disclose specific figures.

The service is part of the UK exhibition and distribution outfit’s VOD platform Curzon Home Cinema (Chc), which also streams films beyond their theatrical release for £5.

Pvod titles in 2018 included Pawel Pawlikowski’s Bafta and Oscar-nominated Cold War, which was the highest-grossing arthouse foreign-language film in the UK last year with a box office total of £1.2m to date.


Sundance: Amazon Scores Comedy ‘Brittany Runs a Marathon’ For $14 Million

Amazon has acquired global rights to Jillian Bell’s Sundance charmer “Brittany Runs a Marathon” in a massive $14 million pact.

Paul Downs Colaizzo directed the dramedy from his own script, which sees Bell play a hard-partying millennial who tries to change the course of her life by committing to a major run.

The film premiered Monday afternoon at Park City’s Eccles Theater. Bidding began almost as soon the lights went up, one potential buyer told Variety. The screening saw big laughs at the top and tears and sniffles later on, as Bell’s titular character grapples with self hatred, several audience members noted. At various points Lionsgate and Netflix were rumored to be circling the film, and Amazon at one point appeared to lose interest as the price rose.

But the streaming service has been particularly aggressive at this year’s festival, shelling out $13 million for U.S. rights to “Late Night,

​Wide House boards female architect doc 'City Dreamers' (exclusive)

Documentary champions ground-breaking work of four major female architects.

Paris-based documentary specialist Wide House has picked up international rights to Joseph Hillel’s City Dreamers, exploring the work of female architects Phyllis Lambert, Denise Scott Brown, Blanche Lemco van Ginkel and Cornelia Hahn Oberlander.

The timely film coincides with the reappraisal worldwide of the contribution made by women to architecture in the 20th Century and earlier periods in history. It is a process that is also taking place in fields such as science, art and literature.

“Showing strong women is essential and given Wide House’s passion for culture, City

The Morning Watch: Why Hollywood Spends Money to Win Oscars, The Voice of Hollywood in Romania & More

The Morning Watch is a recurring feature that highlights a handful of noteworthy videos from around the web. They could be video essays, fanmade productions, featurettes, short films, hilarious sketches, or just anything that has to do with our favorite movies and TV shows. In this edition, find out why Hollywood spends a bunch of […]

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Can You Ever Forgive Me? review – horribly hilarious odd-couple caper

Melissa McCarthy is magnificent as an odious literary forger abetted by Richard E Grant as her lounge-lizard drinking buddy

The law about movie characters needing to be sympathetic is defied in this horribly fascinating true-crime black comedy about failed biographer and serial literary forger Lee Israel, co-written by Nicole Holofcener and Jeff Whitty, and directed by Marielle Heller. In the leading role, Melissa McCarthy has absolutely zero relatability. No one is rooting for her at any time. As they ponder the manky apartment in which she lives, with cat excrement piling up under the bed, audiences will not want to be her, or be with her.

Her character’s passionate devotion to her cat is matched by an irritable contempt for the human beings who have variously let her down, or got too close, or impeded her literary career. And her final courtroom promise to give up alcohol is succeeded

Peter Jackson to direct new Beatles documentary Let It Be

The project will restore archive footage filmed in 1969 when the band released last album

Following his successful first world war documentary They Shall Not Grow Old, Peter Jackson has signed on to direct a second archive project: a film edited from the full 55 hours of footage of the BeatlesLet It Be recording sessions.

A feature-length documentary, entitled Let It Be, directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg and culled from footage from the sessions as well as a celebrated rooftop concert in London’s Savile Row, was released in 1970 after the band had informally split up, but before Paul McCartney launched legal proceedings to dissolve the group.

​Elle Driver boards sales on Wagner Moura's directing debut 'Marighella' (exclusive)

“Because of the current moment we are experiencing in Brazil, this is a story that everyone wants to tell,” says Moura.

Elle Driver has acquired international sales rights to Brazilian Narcos actor Wagner Moura’s politically-charged biopic Marighella, ahead of its premiere at the Berlinale (Feb 7-17).

Set against the backdrop of Brazil in 1969, in the early years of the military regime that would remain in place until 1985, the film revolves around legendary revolutionary leader Carlos Marighella.

Brazilian singer and actor Seu Jorge, best known for his roles in City Of God and The Life Aquatic, plays a 57-year-old Marighella

Peter Jackson to direct Beatles documentary based on unseen 'Let It Be' footage

The project will use around 55 hours of never-released footage of The Beatles in the studio in 1969.

Peter Jackson will direct a Beatles documentary based on unused footage from 1970 feature Let It Be.

The project is produced by The Beatles’ Apple Corps (no relation to Apple Inc) and Jackson’s WingNut Films. It sees Jackson team up with his They Shall Not Grow Old producer Clare Olssen and editor Jabez Olssen.

The project will use around 55 hours of never-released footage of The Beatles in the studio, shot in 1969. These studio sessions produced The Beatles’ album Let It Be, which was released

Gwyneth Paltrow sued over collision on ski slopes

Actor says $3.1m lawsuit filed in Utah alleging she injured another skier in a 2016 crash is ‘without merit’

Actor Gwyneth Paltrow has been accused in a lawsuit of breaking a man’s ribs and leaving him with a concussion when she smashed into him while skiing at a Utah ski resort in 2016.

Terry Sanderson, 72, claimed during a news conference in Salt Lake City that he heard a “hysterical scream” and was then struck between his shoulder blades on a beginner run at Deer Valley Resort on 26 February 2016. He remembers being thrown forward and losing control of his body before losing consciousness. An acquaintance, Craig Ramon, who witnessed the event, claimed he saw Paltrow hit him squarely in the back.

Peter Jackson Signs On to Make New Beatles Film Out of Unseen ‘Let It Be’ Footage
Peter Jackson Signs On to Make New Beatles Film Out of Unseen ‘Let It Be’ Footage

Sir Peter, meet Sir Paul, andx Mother Mary. “Lord of the Rings” filmmaker Peter Jackson has come aboard a project that Paul McCartney had previously hinted was in the works: a new Beatles documentary using the 55 hours of in-studio footage that were shot in early 1969 for the 1970 feature film “Let It Be.”

The announcement is being made today — on the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ rooftop concert atop the Apple Records offices in London — by Apple Corps Ltd. and WingNut Films Ltd., Jackson’s production company.

No release date or plan has been set, but sources say there’s every reason to suspect that the still-untitled film will come out in 2020 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the “Let It Be” album and movie.

“The 55 hours of never-before-seen footage and 140 hours of audio made available to us ensure this movie will be the ultimate ‘fly on the wall’ experience that

Nick Robinson, Jason Clarke to star in 'Silk Road' for Sierra/Affinity (exclusive)

Berlin-bound sales title based on Rolling Stone article.

Jason Clarke will star opposite Love, Simon lead Nick Robinson in the true crime drama Silk Road, which Sierra/Affinity will launch at the Efm next week.

Tiller Russell directs from his adapted screenplay based on David Kushner’s Rolling Stone article ‘Dead End on Silk Road’ about Ross Ulbricht, the hacker and narcotics trafficker who used the nom de guerre Dread Pirate Roberts and ran a vast online black market.

Silk Road focuses on Ulbricht and the ’Jurassic Narc’ who resolved to bring down the young kingpin’s billion-dollar empire.

Duncan Montgomery

Lack of Local Content May Leave Door Open for More Hollywood Fare in China
Lack of Local Content May Leave Door Open for More Hollywood Fare in China

Storm clouds might be hovering on the Hollywood-China entertainment horizon, with Washington and Beijing stuck in their trade war and bilateral industry talks stalled. But there are strong reasons to believe that Hollywood is poised for a sunnier year at the Chinese box office in 2019 than it had in 2018.

January has already brought the unexpected news of the Middle Kingdom release of “Deadpool 2” on Jan. 25, albeit in censored form. Another surprising choice, “Escape Room,” also came out this month, while Oscar-nominated “Green Book,” the kind of intimate American dramedy that tends to elicit a shrug from Chinese moviegoers, hits theaters March 1. Even Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” set against the backdrop of the Charles Manson murders, could have a China outing in the summer. Such unusual releases might raise eyebrows under normal circumstances, but 2019 is not expected to be a normal year for the Chinese entertainment business.

Augmented reality to grow into trillion dollar industry, Sundance panel hears

‘The level of sophistication we can reach now with these tools is so insanely powerful.’

Augmented reality is likely to grow into a trillion dollar business whose extraordinarily lifelike experiences will both entertain and raise considerable ethical questions, Paramount’s futurist in residence told a New Frontier panel at Sundance this week.

Speaking at Monday’s session ‘The Second Coming Of Ar’ in The Box at The Ray, Ted Schilowitz warned that Ar, an artificially enhanced ecosystem that blends interactive digital elements with the real world, will be capable of generating amazing and potentially terrifying experiences.

Schilowitz said once users

Viaplay Partners Twelve Town, Nice ‘With One Eye Open’ (Exclusive)

Nent Group’s Nordic streaming service Viaplay has boarded “With One Eye Open,” partnering Twelve Town and Nice Drama on the Swedish drama series which brings a fresh look to Swedish and Russian ties.

The eight-part series is based on Martin Österdahl’s “Ask No Mercy,” the first of three books in the Max Anger suspense trilogy.

First pitched at Lille’s Series Mania in May, the project is set in 1996 Saint Petersburg on the run-up to Boris Yeltsin’s election. Max Anger, a former attack diver for the Swedish navy now works for think tank Vektor, set up to help Swedish companies open up shop in Russia. When his Russian/Swedish girlfriend suddenly goes missing, while investigating a neo-Stalinist plot against Sweden, he goes on a mission to rescue her and at the same time, uncovers secrets about his own past.

In the lead-up to TV Drama Vision on Jan.

Sundance Film Review: ‘Cold Case Hammarskjöld’
Sundance Film Review: ‘Cold Case Hammarskjöld’

The vast majority of conspiracy theories have one key thing in common: Investigate them, and they turn out not to be true. But that doesn’t mean all of them aren’t true. “Cold Case Hammerskjöld” is a slow-building documentary mystery that sucks you in like a vortex. It offers several intertwined conspiracy theories, at least one of which, by the sternest reckoning, appears to be grounded in reality. Does that mean everything in the film is true? Maybe not. Yet “Cold Case Hammarskjöld” is a singular experience that counts as one of the most honestly disturbing and provocative nonfiction films in years.

Directed by the Danish filmmaker Mads Brügger, it starts off as an offbeat journalistic inquiry into the 1961 plane-crash death of Dag Hammarskjöld, the secretary-general of the United Nations. Reviving old claims that have dogged the case but have never been proved, the film suggests that the crash was,

Seville International licences 'Anthropocene: The Human Epoch' to Kino Lorber (exclusive)

Streaming platform Kanopy to partner on release.

Seville International announced from Sundance on Tuesday (29) it has licensed Us rights on Anthropocene: The Human Epoch to Kino Lorber and struck key additional international sales.

The documentary from Jennifer Baichwal, Nicholas de Pencier and Edward Burtynsky is the first acquisition by Kino Lorber in association with Kanopy, the free streaming platform available to college students and professors, and public library members across the Us.

Seville has also licensed the documentary to Groupe Mediawan forFrench-speaking Europe, NonStop Entertainment for Scandinavia, Against Gravity for Poland, Moviecloud for Taiwan, and Fondazione Culturale N. Stensen with Valmyn Distribution for Italy.