Meet the Community Leaders Raising Funds to Support Local Businesses and Feed Healthcare Workers

Published on Apr 07, 2020

In a time of great need, communities are pulling their resources to make a major impact in society. Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, New Jersey resident Liz Bernich is helping to feed the front lines with Flag, Front-Line Appreciation Group of Chatham and Madison. Liz, who is the founder of the Chatham chapter, partnered with friend Gina McGuire to help get food and resources to those healthcare workers in need. In honor of World Health Day today, Liz spoke to E! News about the work she and Gina are doing with Flag and how it came together. "A friend of mine had posted on Facebook a quick picture of [New York's] Huntington Hospital'sĀ MealsĀ Group and that they were...

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