‘Marvel’s Jessica Jones’ Review: Season 3 Proves It’s Time to Say Goodbye for Good

Published on Jun 14, 2019

Marvel’s Jessica Jones” gets off on the wrong foot in Season 3 and stays there until the lackluster end. Exhibiting the worst tendencies of the now-dead Marvel-Netflix franchise, the first two episodes get stuck repeating themselves, bloating their thin stories and familiar themes to exhaustion while star Krysten Ritter does all she can to add a little bit of life to the proceedings. But like the canceled franchise it’s closing out, “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” feels like a walking husk of itself in Season 3 — a zombie that’s still standing, out of obligation more than desire.

The central paradox of Season 3 is defined in the first scene, when Jessica Jones (Ritter) finds herself on a sunny beach in Mexico ripping a child from her father’s arms. You see, the dad doesn’t have parental rights anymore, so it’s illegal for him to take his daughter on an international vacation.

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Author: Ben Travers