Invasion Planet Earth review – ludicrously ambitious low-cost sci-fi

Published on Dec 04, 2019

A suburban London psychiatrist and his patients are kidnapped by aliens in this delightfully clunky, on-a-budget adventure

This UK-produced apocalyptic science-fiction yarn looks as if it was made with just enough budget to cover a couple of lights, petrol, the delightfully clunky visual effects – the digital equivalent of sticky-back plastic and pipe cleaners – and a few sandwiches for the cast and crew. But props are due to writer-director Simon Cox, the several dozen producers credited and cast and crew who sunk time, money and effort to make something so ludicrously ambitious with such meagre means, even if the end result is markedly uneven.

The main protagonist is Tom Dunn (Simon Haycock), a psychiatrist living in the London suburbs with his school-teacher wife Mandy (Lucy Drive), who has just discovered she’s pregnant. This is bittersweet news for the couple who are still grieving the death a few years earlier of their small daughter,

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Author: Leslie Felperin