Influencers: Sandy Powell, Costume Designer as Rock Star

Published on Dec 03, 2019

Influencers: Sandy Powell, Costume Designer as Rock Star

Three-time Oscar winner Sandy Powell is the rock star of costume designers, known for her eclectic and adventurous sense of style. Powell earned her cred with the breakout “Velvet Goldmine,” the 1998 musical drama from Todd Haynes, where she got to channel David Bowie by way of her pre-teen idol worship of glam icon Marc Bolan. But her previous work with Derek Jarman and Sally Potter (“Orlando”) showed flashes of her iconoclastic signature.

“It’s this mix of her punk nature and this instinctual approach she has,” said costume designer Christopher Peterson, who started with Powell as her assistant costumer 15 years ago, and recently co-designed “The Irishman” with his mentor. “We research what the period sillhouette is and she looks at it, and she keeps looking at it, until she decides, and then she pounces, and sometimes it’s the period sillhouette, absolutely textbook, and other times she flips it on its head,

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Author: Bill Desowitz