Influencers: Emmanuel Lubezki, the Breathing Lens

Published on Dec 03, 2019

Influencers: Emmanuel Lubezki, the Breathing Lens

There is no other filmmaker that better embodies the possibilities and potential of filmmaking today than Emmanuel Lubezki. Working with Terrence Malick, “Chivo” elevated the naturalism of modern filmmaking into a new poetic language. With Alfonso Cuarón and their “Gravity,” he pioneered (and simultaneously mastered) creating cinema in a virtual workspace. With Alejandro González Iñárritu, he has tapped an exciting immersive side of using new tools.

Lubezki and Malick’s collaboration began on “The New World” and reached its pinnacle on “Tree of Life.” It was only through rigorous preparation and discipline — including production designer Jack Fisk creating a five-block-by-five-block neighborhood “set” for the actors and filmmakers to explore story in a new way. This wasn’t so much improvisation, as it was searching for the moments of truth in the world Malick had actually built in front of the camera. For this poem told in light, the cinematographer and

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Author: Chris O'Falt