'I hid my scars for years ... I thought I was only good for horror movies'

Published on May 17, 2019

A terrible fire left Vicky Knight physically and mentally scarred. Now a film role as the victim of an acid attack has changed her life – and led her to love her body

Vicky Knight smiles, shakes my hand and sits down to talk. But she doesn’t remove her coat. It is a spring day and the cafe is warm, yet she leaves her parka zipped to the neck.

Knight is the star of Dirty God, the new feature film from the Dutch director Sacha Polak. She plays Jade, a young mother who is the victim of an acid attack perpetrated by an ex-boyfriend. In the opening scene, we are witness to widescreen closeups of Knight’s scarred body. Her skin is shot to resemble the surface of Mars, all ridges and rivulets, craters and pocks.

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Author: Tom Seymour