'I'm an expressionist nihilist at heart': the dark allure of Tom Burke

Published on Aug 16, 2019

The actor is best known as the TV detective Strike, but there’s something about his deeply troubling lead film role in The Souvenir that suits him down to the ground

If you are asking Tom Burke to a party, for God’s sake don’t tell him it’ll be fun. “Hate the word! Ugh! The idea that there’s any sort of expectation. I like having really honest conversations with friends about how fucked everything is, but being able to laugh about it as well.”

Right. You gotta laugh, eh? A grin that’s 35% grimace. “No, I don’t. I’ve always hated that phrase. Everything has to arrive in its own time.” He lacquers almond butter on top of strawberry jam on gluten-free toast. “The only one I like is ‘That’s life!’ It’s quite vague. And perhaps because it reminds me of Esther Rantzen.”

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Author: Catherine Shoard