How a Small Streaming Service With Big Ambitions Saved a Little-Seen Claire Denis Film

Published on Jun 14, 2019

When independent film producer Marie-Louise Khondji founded Le Cinéma Club in July of 2015 in her bedroom, she had a singular vision for the curated streaming site. “The initial idea was really to create a platform where we can present one filmmaker and one film at a time,” she said in a recent interview, “while, at the same time, creating an easy guide for the audience to discover films and filmmakers they wouldn’t on their own.”

Each week, the site showcases a single film for free, helping guide its audience to an international array of established and up-and-coming talent. For Khondji, the one-week window was designed to “give better visibility” to the individual films and to create a sense of event around each pick. “We’re still in a relatively new era of digital distribution and I wanted to try this new model,” she said. “I was trying to imagine

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Author: Kate Erbland