How Hollywood Handles Women in Peril (Guest Column)

Published on Mar 26, 2020

How Hollywood Handles Women in Peril (Guest Column)

We love movies about women in peril. From “Gaslight” to “King Kong” to Jennifer Lopez with a ridiculous haircut in “Enough,” audiences will almost always pay to watch a woman stare helplessly as a doorknob slowly turns, or hold her breath as a shadow looms next to where she is hiding.

But as much as we like these movies, we have also been asking for a couple decades now, is it Ok that we like these movies? Is it insensitive or exploitative? Is it actually entertaining to watch a woman character be tortured or murdered just to give her pretend spy or superhero husband something to do?

The international conversation around the #MeToo movement has amplified these questions. As women and men have told their stories of surviving violence in the workplace, in their homes, on college campuses, and on the streets, there has been a call for these stories

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Author: Jessa Crispin