‘High School Musical: The Musical – The Series’ Review: A Star Is Born at Disney+

Published on Nov 09, 2019

I don’t think I can fully convey the contempt that swept through this newsroom when Disney announced one of its launch shows for Disney+ was going to be “High School Musical: The Musical – The Series.”

First off: the title. The Cms for this website has a headline character limit, y’know? And that title takes up about 85 percent of it. A colon and a dash? Stop it. Second: Oh my God, another spin on “High School Musical?” Humanity really isn’t going to top Zac Efron pirouetting around a golf course in “High School Musical 2.” Third: end-stage capitalism. Are there no new ideas in this world? Disney now owns everything and now they’re re-franchising another franchise? Help. Fourth: the hashtag — which is, for the record, #Hsmtmts.

So imagine my delighted surprise when at 10:16 in the first episode — yes, I wrote the timestamp down — high school fashion queen

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Author: Ann Donahue