Gran Canaria’s 14th Animayo Summit Fosters the Future of Spanish Animation

Published on May 17, 2019

Madrid — Spain’s animation industry is experiencing an unprecedented boom backed by strong financial incentives, an increasing demand for content from platforms and networks, and a push from a creative workforce which is among the most experienced in all of Europe.

To fuel industry growth, Spain must educate future talent and provide a framework for to stay in the country, and few organizations are working harder towards that end than the Canary Islands-based Animayo Summit, Conference and Intl. Film Festival for animation, VFX and videogames, the only Spanish animation festival recognized by the Academy Awards as an Oscar qualifying event.

Between May 7 and 11, the event hosted 14 masterclasses, nine training workshops, five contest sections, twelve screenings for local schools, a number of public feature film screenings as well as a Vr exhibit, video games competitions and animation exhibits.

Animayo now also boasts a budget of more than €100,000 dedicated to promoting scholarship

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Author: Jamie Lang