From ‘Mandalorian’ to ‘The Morning Show,’ Streaming Services Begin to Banish Binging

Published on Nov 08, 2019

Netflix made binge viewing the norm for streaming television, but as new competitors threaten to disrupt the platform’s dominance, the old weekly release schedule for television shows is coming back in a big way.

Outside of “Dickinson,” original series on the recently-released Apple TV+ are dropping new episodes weekly, and the upcoming Disney+ and HBO Max streaming services will follow suit. If a viewer wants to find out whether Jennifer Aniston salvages her broadcast anchor gig on Apple TV+’s “The Morning Show” or tune in to Pedro Pascal’s latest bounty hunting escapades on Disney+’s “The Mandalorian,” they’ll need to keep coming back to those streaming services every week.

Streaming executives say the weekly release schedules will get viewers engaged by setting a pattern of watching a show at the same time – essentially a throwback to the long-held network model. That was the argument “The Mandalorian

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Author: Tyler Hersko