Film Review: ‘Love is Blind’

Published on Nov 08, 2019

Directors Andy Delaney and Monty Whitebloom’s “Love Is Blind” should perhaps be titled “Love Is Arbitrary.” There’s no reasoning to how and why love manifests or dissipates in relationships, in much the same way the film’s character motivations flip and flop as script convenience calls. who struggles to recognize the broken people who populate her purview. Her ability to see only what she wants directly correlates to the film’s selective reasoning when it comes to contrivance and cloying poignancy.

Elizabeth Krafft (Shannon Tarbet), known to her friends as “Bess,” lives in an idyllic small town in upstate New York with her ailing father Murray (Matthew Broderick) and an albino peacock named Argus. She suffers from a rare disorder that affects her ability to see people who physically exist. Her discriminating blindness has caused a rift between Bess and her caring mother Carolyn (Chloë Sevigny). Ten years prior,

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Author: Courtney Howard