Film Review: ‘Lady and the Tramp’

Published on Nov 08, 2019

In the age of streaming media, what’s the contemporary answer to the cheap, disposable, direct-to-video Disney sequels that used to clog up VHS shelves in decades of yore? The answer may look something like “Lady and the Tramp,” the latest of many nominal “live-action” remakes of beloved titles from the Mouse House’s animated canon — but the first to bypass theaters, bowing directly on the company’s glossy new Disney+ VOD platform. The difference is felt, which is not to say this largely conservative update of the 1955 puppy-love romp is appreciably worse than its big-screen 2019 predecessors. It’s as creatively anemic and blandly calculated as, say, this summer’s billion-grossing “The Lion King,” with which it also shares some hinky technical issues: Suffice it to say that even on a smaller screen, attributing anthropomorphic qualities to photoreal fauna remains a Disney stumbling block.

Yet after all the star-spangled, spectacle-oriented lacquer of “The Lion King,

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Author: Guy Lodge