Dreamland review – distasteful dystopian noir

Published on Apr 08, 2020

Dreamland review – distasteful dystopian noir

Juliette Lewis plays an unhinged diplomat’s wife and party animal in this pulpy thriller about sex-trafficking gangsters

Tripland? Or perhaps Off-Your-Nutland? Here’s the freakiest film of the year so far, a pulpy dystopian noir with a lurid sex-trafficking storyline from Canadian film-maker Bruce McDonald. It’s set in some kind of nearish future where the bad guys have gone legit and joined the establishment.

Juliette Lewis chews not just scenery but every last fixture playing the Countess, an unhinged diplomat’s wife famous for throwing parties where politicians and crime barons snort cocaine from silver platters. Dreamland is a film that goes all out to attain cult status, with some crazed inspiration here and there, but a ludicrous-to-intriguing ratio of about 80-20.

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Author: Cath Clarke