Countries Up Incentives, Capacity to Capture ‘Deluge’ of Global Production, Olsberg Spi Says

Published on Jan 15, 2020

There are now around 100 incentive offers at country, state, and province level around the world, looking to attract an “unprecedented deluge” of production globally in 2020, according to creative industries strategy consultants Olsberg Spi.

Many markets are focusing on strategies to expand their production capability in 2020, and an attractive incentive offer is a cornerstone of this, according to Leon Forde, managing director of Olsberg Spi, which publishes an annual incentives index in “World of Locations” and authored “Best Practice in Screen Sector Development,” a study commissioned by the Association of Film Commissioners Intl. (Afci).

For producers, incentives have become a cornerstone of financing plan, providing a headline rate of around 25% of eligible expenditure.

Recent years have seen growing recognition among governments of the valuable effects that film and high-end TV drama production can bring. This includes economic impact, employment, work-force, skills and infrastructure development, and benefits such as screen tourism and national branding.

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Author: Tim Dams