Could coronavirus spell the end for superhero movies?

Published on Apr 09, 2020

Could coronavirus spell the end for superhero movies?

From Wonder Woman to Superman, Black Widow to Black Panther, superheroes can vanquish aliens, androids and Nazis. They’re less super in a pandemic

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After the massive 2019 hits Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far from Home, it seemed a safe bet that the Marvel Cinematic Universe would go on for ever. The high-flying blockbusters with their tight costumes, digital effects and insouciant quips could pack cinemas until the apocalypse. There would never again be a year without superheroes.

Sadly, the apocalypse has come sooner than expected. Superheroes can fight secret quasi-Nazi conspiracies, invading aliens and android armies. But they are ill-equipped to fight the coronavirus. Superheroes on screen have saved the world repeatedly. But, in this real-life crisis, the McU’s vision of empowerment via teaming up to blast things to smithereens seems woefully inadequate.

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Author: Noah Berlatsky