Conan’s ‘Old-Time Baseball’ Is the Highlight of Team Coco’s Growing Archive Project

Published on Apr 16, 2019

Any list of the greatest moments in late night TV history would be incomplete without Conan O’Brien shouting “What Is That Demonry?!” at a plane flying overhead. Maybe not the most iconic part of the beloved “Old-Timey Baseball” remote segment — that might be a mustachioed O’Brien taunting a batter in his best imitation of 1860s vernacular — it’s still an example of the kind of quotable late-night bit that for years has only existed in a hodgepodge of YouTube clips and collective memory.

Now, this clip and countless others are available as part of the ongoing online archival project Conan25, which seeks to gather the best segments from O’Brien’s quarter century in late night. Organized by format and thematic category, this collection gets as close to a comprehensive archive as any one late night show has aggregated.

There’s a good reason that when Conan bid farewell to “Late Night,

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Author: Steve Greene