‘Conan in Ghana’: Let Sam Richardson Host Whatever He Wants

Published on Nov 08, 2019

In a sketch that’s already earned its lofty cult comedy status, Netflix’s “I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson” puts on a lavish, televised, and very intense baby beauty pageant. As the crowd shouts death threats at toddler dressed in biker gear and judges are outed for accepting sexual favors from contestants’ parents, Sam Richardson presides over the magical chaos in a sparkling silver tuxedo — the prototypical pageant host of The 112th Annual Baby of the Year Competition.

He hits all the notes in the opening song, crooning “Look at their rolls, look at their folds!” before hitting the high chords in “Which ones can daaaance?” He embodies the audience by rolling his eyes when a judge interrupts the competition for a personal statement. He supports the babies, withstands the bedlam, and hits just the right tone for a sketch that’s purposefully all over the map.

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Author: Ben Travers