‘Chernobyl’ Creator Craig Mazin Says Disaster Is an ‘Us Not Them’ Problem, Talks Russian Response

Published on Aug 16, 2019

HBO’s “Chernobyl,” now up for 19 Primetime Emmy Awards, has been the runaway hit of this year’s crowded field of prestige miniseries, currently sitting with a 9.5 score on IMDb as the online database’s highest-rated TV series ever. The harrowing chronicle of the 1986 nuclear disaster that forever stained the reputation of the Soviet Union garnered more than 2 million viewers by the time it reached its fifth-episode series finale. “Chernobyl” also sparked a vital conversation about global complicity in the tragedy, and how its effects continue to resonate far beyond the radioactivity still emanating from the Exclusion Zone.

In a new sit-down with Deadline, series creator/writer Craig Mazin, who recently dropped out of the Writers Guild of America’s vice-presidential run, dives deep into the making of the series, and the implications he believes the disaster still has today.

“It was certainly one of my intentions to tell a

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Author: Ryan Lattanzio