Breakthrough review – dreary real-life 'resurrection' drama

Published on May 17, 2019

A teenager declared dead after falling through the ice is miraculously brought back to life in this undistinguished faith-based tale

Here is another illustration of how the faith-based drama has pushed into cinemas material indistinguishable from vast swathes of the afternoon TV schedule. A true-life miracle has been sourced from Judith Smith’s memoir: the resurrection of the author’s adopted Guatemalan son John, declared clinically dead after falling through the ice on Lake St Louis in January 2015. Yet it is presented with no mystery and scant wonder; instead, we get two hours of flatly professional procedural.

Scene by scene, life-or-death reality is reduced to Sunday-school parable. Early sequences show Marcel Ruiz’s John, something of a novelty in his God-fearing, Caucasian neighbourhood, boosting his outsider reputation by shrugging off homework and feeding mama’s scrambled eggs to the dog, micro-rebellions that – in the film’s sexless, curse-free universe – signify

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Author: Mike McCahill