‘Big Mouth’ Composer Talks Origins of Hilarious ‘Disclosure the Movie: The Musical!’

Published on Oct 12, 2019

Netflix’s “Big Mouth” is a series with plenty of “I don’t exactly know why it’s happening… but I love it?” moments. But in the case of its recently-released third season, no moment most encapsulates that particular sensation than the entirety of the season’s penultimate episode “Disclosure the Movie: The Musical!” The episode’s opening musical number even clocks this by including the term “full sex” and letting everyone know: “It’s gonna be weird and inappropriate.”

In fact, “Big Mouth” composer Mark Rivers went through the same thought process when it came to creating the music for the episode and its titular musical. As he told Vulture, “I don’t know what their inspiration was. I didn’t remember the movie at all. I had to go rent and watch it get myself up to speed about what I was supposed to write.”

But obviously, the

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Author: LaToya Ferguson