‘Better Things’: The Superhuman Filmmaking of Pamela Adlon

Published on Apr 09, 2020

‘Better Things’: The Superhuman Filmmaking of Pamela Adlon

There’s a line forming next to Pamela Adlon.

First up is Sally Sue Beisel, a producer and first A.D., standing at a respectable distance with a growing list of questions for her “Better Things” showrunner; director of photography Paul Koestner is right behind her, waiting to talk to his director about the next shot; there are a few more patient crew members in tow, wanting answers from the episode’s executive producer, writer, and star, but Adlon — who fills all these roles and more — isn’t looking back. She’s looking at Jack Eyman, a child actor trying to stick his one, brief scene.

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“It feels weird? That weird aggressive kind of energy? That’s real,” Adlon tells her co-star, eyes dialed in to read his reaction.

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Author: Ben Travers