‘Belgravia’ Review: A Lavish Study in Social Class Becomes Cartoonish

Published on Apr 10, 2020

‘Belgravia’ Review: A Lavish Study in Social Class Becomes Cartoonish

[Editor’s Note: The following review contains spoilers for “Belgravia.”]

Did you like “Downton Abbey”? Yes, of course! Everyone liked “Downton Abbey”!

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Let me rephrase that: Did you like the fourth, fifth, and sixth seasons of “Downton Abbey”? You know, the ones after you-know-who died in a car crash? The one where beloved character was raped? The ones where there was a hideous crisis du jour and the melodrama was no longer so….mellow?

Belgravia”, debuting April 12 on Epix, is executive produced by the “Downton Abbey” team of Julian Fellowes, Nigel Marchant, Gareth Neame, and Liz Trubridge and contains both the best and the worst of that show. Like “Downton,” the production design, hair and makeup, and costumes are outstanding — at one point the titular London neighborhood

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Author: Ann Donahue