Announcing IndieWire Influencers: The Craft of Filmmaking

Published on Dec 04, 2019

As we close the decade, there is still one near-universal truth that connects those directors who defy the cineplex odds by making great cinema: Their visions are realized by some of the finest below-the-line talent the industry has ever seen. Even as the familiar infrastructure seems to be evaporating, the role that top craftspeople play has become that much more vital as the breadth and depth of their talent pool expands.

IndieWire spent months speaking with directors, producers, costumers, designers, cinematographers, cutters, composers — craftspeople across all disciplines — seeking the behind-the-scenes collaborators behind some of your favorite films. And our questions went something like this:

Who are the filmmakers whose innovative use of craft is influencing how you make movies?

Who are the artisans at the cutting edge of using new technology to advance the art form?

Who are the pioneers opening doors and expanding our visual and aural palettes?


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Author: Chris O'Falt